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Office environments are continuing to transform and move on from the traditional set rows of desks and chair sets. The modern office workplace is now a multifunctional, multimodal space where people, processes and technology come together collaboratively. As technology has developed and brought change and flexibility to the way we work, so too has it changed, how where when and what spaces we work in.

Workspace seek to provide the flexibility in office furniture form and function to respond to our client's individual needs. Knowing that every office environment and project is unique and the outcome designed to meet the needs of the changing work team.

Accordingly, Workspace believes in mutually beneficial relationships that bring together designer, consultant, client and other stakeholders to provide office furniture solutions that exceed the brief.

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The Education segment is one of the most rapidly evolving commercial environments across Australia today. Workspace Commercial Furniture has had a long and successful relationship with education design specialists, builders, facilities managers and the institutional providers themselves.

Flexibility, interactivity and collaboration are all principles guiding the future of education and learning environments. The design intent seeks to provide multi-functional spaces that are adaptive and flexible in both space and use. With a heavy focus on education, Workspace believe that educational spaces should work as hard as the educators themselves. The spaces should spark imaginations, nurture and develop creativity, support a diverse range of learning activities and above all, support a diverse range of learners.

primary | secondary | tertiary | stem learning | classroom | lab | booths


Workspace has an extensive range of furniture solutions with functional designs, quality product and appropriate finishes and decors to suit the diverse spaces and functions within Aged Care and Allied Health environments. Our aim is to provide attractive, durable, quality products to meet the needs of today's public and private Aged Care environments.

We specialise in aged care appropriate furniture solutions for administration, clinical and patients living areas through a single facility or a group of sites. No more is the requirement to simply design functional spaces to support aged care residences, the goal now is to provide innovative lifestyle environments that cater for the progressive nature of aged care and incorporate all the luxury of a hotel and the comfort of home.

Working collaboratively with aged care designers, builders, and facility owners, we seek to break the stereotype of aged care and deliver bespoke and standard product ranges and inspirational projects that are driven by functional need and exceed aesthetics stereotypes.

aged care | residential care | hospice facilities | health | independent living | special disability living


Workspace Commercial Furniture acknowledges and understands the distinctive challenges and highly specialised requirements facing today’s Healthcare environments. Shifting from community based care facilities to combinations of larger scale public and private environments, Healthcare is a critically important and high cost business. Supporting our changing healthcare needs, aged population and ensuring the most effective investment is paramount.

Workspace actively seeks the opportunity to work with designers, builders and healthcare facilities and procurement experts to meet project furniture requirements and holistic segment future needs. Guided by third party expertise and our commitment to quality products and end to end service delivery, Workspace believes that our offer to the healthcare segment is industry best practice. Healthcare is as critical, exciting, detailed and high stakes commercial environment, at Workspace we seek to provide furniture solutions that are be part of the solution for a better healthcare outcome for all.

health care | residential care | hospice | patient rooms | waiting rooms | staff & nurse rooms


Workspace has been a leader in the hospitality fit out and refurbishment segment for decades. Our philosophy of building strong mutually beneficial relationships with Hospitality design and construction professionals and hotel groups has resulted in Workspace being involved in landmark projects across the country.

The expansion of international hotel brands, the rise of independent Australian hospitality operators and the online travel industry has created demand for hospitality experiences that are unique and memorable as much as they are practical. Whether you’re opening a new restaurant or café or refurbishing an existing venue, we have the perfect hospitality retail solutions for you

Workspace not only provides an extensive range of seating and dining options but can also design customised solutions to match the unique theme of your venue.

restaurants | cafés | hotels | clubs | pubs | bars | function venues


Workspace Commercial Furniture are pleased to offer a wide range of furniture solutions with functional designs, quality product and appropriate finishes and decors to suit the diverse spaces and functions within Accommodation spaces. Workspace’s range of hospitality accommodation furniture creates inviting and comfortable homes away from home in any setting.

From hotels, motels, caravan parks, resorts, tourist parks, student and more, we have all accommodation options covered.

With our extensive range of options available, you can easily fit out your project with our beds, benches, lounges, bedside tables, desks, tables, stools and chairs. Our supplementary range of café and restaurant furniture will also help you to complete the look throughout your venue.

hotels | motels | resorts | tourist parks | student accommodation


Workspace is a leader in the manufacture of Australian made furniture and is a trusted supplier to the Australian Defence Force. Their products are designed to meet the unique needs of the air, land, sea, space and cyber branches of the ADF, and are built to the highest standards of quality and durability. The company's dedication to using locally sourced materials and manufacturing processes ensures that their products are not only of the highest quality, but also support the Australian economy. With a reputation for excellence and a commitment to providing the ADF with the best possible equipment, Workspace is a valued partner of the Australian Defence Force.

Workspace has extensive expertise in project management and with a national supply chain & fleet of vehicles, Workspace can go anywhere to any site location, whether it metro, regional or remote.

Workspace has trading experience with the following;

SaaB AB | Raytheon Australia | Ventia | Compass | Spotless | Downer (EDI)

Workspace has extensive project experience with the following;

St Hilliers | McMahon Services | Fulton Hogan | Richard Crookes Construction | Lendlease | Watpac | Hansen Yuncken | Axis Constructions | John Holland | Built

Workspace is a leader in the supply and manufacture of furniture solutions for;

Commercial | Accommodation | Living and General | Storage | High Security Environments | Assisted Training areas

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