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The Healthy North Coast - Ballina

The Healthy North Coast Ballina Office fit out is a prime example of a modern and practical workspace design. The space has been expertly designed to promote collaboration, productivity, and overall wellbeing among employees. The office features an open-plan layout with ample natural light and greenery, which has been shown to have a positive effect on mood and productivity. The furniture and equipment used in the office are ergonomic, meaning they are designed to support good posture and prevent injury. This prioritises the health and comfort of employees while they work.

  • Sector Health
  • Builder
    • Blaze Projects
  • Project CompletedFeb, 2023
  • Photographer
    • Kate Holmes

In addition to the physical design of the office, Healthy North Coast has also implemented policies and programs that promote employee health and wellbeing. These efforts not only benefit employees, but also the organisation by creating a positive and supportive work culture. Overall, the Healthy North Coast Ballina Office fit out is a shining example of how a thoughtful and holistic approach to workspace design can improve employee wellbeing and productivity.