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Executive Suite TAFE SA

In partnership with Co Design Construct, we are so proud to have supplied furniture and workstations for the innovative office redesign of TAFE SA's Executive Suite.

This contemporary transformation retains the essence of the original construction while seamlessly ushering the space into the modern age. Notably, a pre-existing artwork representing First Nations people that adorned the Light Square entrance has been thoughtfully extended onto the fa├žade of the Executive Suite, inviting visitors into the space.

The hues from this artwork have been tastefully integrated into the materials and finishes of the public entrance, forging a harmonious link from the threshold.

  • Sector Education
  • Architect
    • Greenway Architects
  • Builder
    • Co Design Construct
  • Project CompletedJun, 2022
  • Photographer
    • David Sievers

The architectural vision of Greenway architects was pivotal in establishing a new standard for a cutting-edge corporate workspace that supports evolving work methodologies. The endeavour sought to create sustainable and ecologically conscious areas, adaptable and diverse in their configurations, complete with integrated technology that fosters enhanced connectivity between metropolitan and regional campuses for both staff and visitors.

To elevate the project, Workspace provided Axis Timber Chairs in Camira 'Main Line Flax - Parsons' and Maharam Manner - 'Kimono,' in addition to the ergonomically designed Dot.Pro chair and Travel C Leg workstations, customised 'D' End Elan Table and Dream Mesh Back 4 legged chairs all contributing to the project's enhancement.