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The Salvation Army, Linsell Lodge

At Workspace Commercial Furniture, we are proud to have furnished the refurbished dining room at Linsell Lodge, a caring and supportive aged care home managed by The Salvation Army in Adelaide's northern suburbs. The goal was to create a space that not only serves functional purposes but also enhances the daily experiences of the residents, staff, and visiting families.

A Modern, Refreshed Dining Experience

The dining area at Linsell Lodge has been transformed into a vibrant haven, designed to encourage social interaction and create a welcoming atmosphere for all. The furniture selections play a pivotal role in achieving this ambiance, combining style, comfort, and durability to meet the unique needs of the aged care environment.

Furniture that Brings Spaces to Life

The featured furniture includes custom-designed pieces, tailored to ensure ease of use and comfort for all users. Our chairs, with their ergonomic design and plush seating, offer support and accessibility, while the tables are crafted for safety and style. The colour palette reflects soothing green tones that harmonise with the natural light flooding in from the adjacent courtyard, enhancing the overall serenity of the space.

  • Sector Aged Care
  • Designer
    • Studio Nine
  • Builder
    • Shape Australia
  • Project CompletedJul, 2020
  • Photographer
    • David Sievers

Designed for Comfort and Interaction

The layout of the furniture is strategically arranged to foster interaction among residents and guests, making meals more enjoyable and engaging. Each piece is placed to allow for easy navigation, accommodating mobility aids without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. The high-quality materials used ensure that the furniture withstands the rigors of daily use while maintaining its elegant appearance.


A Collaboration of Excellence

This project was a collaborative effort involving The Salvation Army, Studio Nine Architects, and SHAPE Australia, who expertly managed the refurbishment. Despite challenges such as procurement and programming delays due to COVID-19, the project was delivered on time and within budget, with minimal disruption to the lodge's daily operations.


We extend our gratitude to The Salvation Army for trusting us to be a part of this significant upgrade and to Studio Nine Architects for their visionary design that perfectly aligns with the needs of Linsell Lodge. The positive feedback from the residents and staff has been immensely gratifying, reaffirming our commitment to enhancing spaces with thoughtful, high-quality furniture solutions.