Payinthi (Prospect CLIC)

Located alongside the existing Prospect Town Hall, the Payinthi Building (previously Prospect CLIC), reflects the aspirations and identity of the local community in a smart, creative and connected building. This project consolidates Council administration, the library and art gallery, facilitating for community group use day and night. The new three-story Payinthi Building is an innovative community hub located in Prospect adjacent the 122 year old heritage listed Town hall with the hub including an art gallery, library, integrated civic facility and commercial office space.

  • Sector Office
  • Designer
    • JPE Design Studio
  • Project CompletedDec, 2019

The existing heritage listed town hall is fully integrated into the project, with restoration works and internal modifications to ensure that its value in the council is embraced into the future, with the ability to retain it's function as a venue. In collaboration with JPE Design studio and The City of Prospect, Workspace provided a range of educational, office and hospitality furniture options to deliver a stunning library and office space.  


The City of Prospect has taken a co-design approach to developing the new facility, and the services and activities which will be available to our community. This exciting and significant project is an opportunity to deliver a community hub of the future, now. Council’s Community Reference Group has worked with the Elected Members and the architects JPE Design Studio on the design of the building. Our goal was to create a facility that is an innovative and activated space, which provides opportunities for all members of our community to visit, collaborate, engage and learn. In collaboration with JPE Design studio and the City of Prospect, Workspace proudly supplied a range of office, educational and hospitality furniture items.