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Garry Warren Smith Mazda Australia

Ah, that new-office smell, right?

Completed in June 2021, Workspace Commercial Furniture created a whole new vibe for Automotive Dealership, Mazda - Garry & Warren Smith (GWS).Implementing a commercial interior fit out that leaves customers feeling excited and inspired is key in ensuring a business stands out from the rest of the competition and this fitout certainly achieves that. The bright atmosphere works to reach that emotional connection with customers allowing Mazda GWS a competitive edge in an increasingly competitive market.

  • Sector Office
  • Project CompletedJul, 2021
  • Photographer
    • Blue Tree Studios

Along with being visually striking, this design also offers a seamless customer experience which encourages potential buyers to stick around. Private offices and division between groups provides space for quiet conversations while emphasis on collaborative and multi-use zones creates a sense of buzz throughout the showroom. Selling a car is no mean feat. So, any edge over the competition could make the difference. After all its not what you say but how you make them feel.