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Flinders University, Festival Plaza Tower

In the heart of Adelaide's vibrant Festival Plaza, something remarkable has taken shape. The newly completed Flinders University City Campus stands as a testament to modern educational design, innovation, and collaborative success. At Workspace Commercial Furniture, we are proud to have played a pivotal role in this transformative project, marking a significant achievement in our century-long history of Australian manufacturing and design excellence.

The Flinders University City Campus project presented a unique set of challenges, from designing furniture that meets the diverse needs of today's learners to installation across 8 floors within the dedicated timeline.

Working closely with Architectus, Built., and Walker Corporation, it was evident that collaboration and innovation were at the heart of Flinders University's vision for their City Campus.

Architectus embarked on a journey to understand the essence of the university's needs, engaging our expertise in bespoke furniture solutions, which allowed us to craft furniture that would not only look beautiful but also foster engagement and creativity.

  • Sector Education
  • Architect
    • Architectus
  • Builder
    • Built
  • Project CompletedFeb, 2024
  • Photographer
    • Daniel Trimboli - TRIM Photography

The Festival Plaza area is a significant site for the Kaurna people and the history of the Climbing Tree. This connection is thoughtfully reflected in the design, with Architectus integrating the natural and cultural narratives into the campus's very essence.

In aligning with Architectus's vision to reflect the cultural significance and natural harmony of the Flinders University City Campus, Workspace Commercial Furniture undertook a detailed process to source fabrics and colour tones that would fulfill this ambitious brief. We engaged in ensuring the selection of materials resonated with the Adelaide landscape’s rich earthy tones, the natural greys and ochres of eucalyptus bark, and the lush greens of treetops, ensuring these choices mirrored the project’s commitment to cultural sensitivity and environmental awareness.


Through this focused effort, Workspace Commercial Furniture proudly contributed to a project that stands as a symbol of community, learning, and environmental integration.

Our team's dedication to excellence saw us navigating the complexities of large-scale manufacturing and logistics, ensuring every piece of furniture met our stringent quality standards. From ergonomic seating designed for long study hours to collaborative workspaces that encourage interaction, every element was carefully considered and executed.


The impact of our work is measured not just in the aesthetics and functionality of the furnished spaces but in the enhanced educational experiences they facilitate. We're proud to contribute to a campus that will nurture the minds of future leaders, thinkers, and innovators.

This project exemplifies Workspace Commercial Furniture's commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and manufacturing. As we look to the future, we remain dedicated to innovation, sustainability, and the pursuit of excellence in every project we undertake.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Flinders University, Architectus, Built., and Walker Corporation for their partnership and trust in us. Together, we have created more than just a space; we have created a beacon for future generations.