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Accor Head Office - Sydney

At Workspace, we pride ourselves on delivering innovative and aesthetically pleasing solutions for modern workspaces. Our recent project with Vantagespace for the fit-out of the Accor Head Office in Sydney showcases our commitment to excellence in commercial furniture design and functionality.

Located with breathtaking views of Sydney Harbour and the iconic Sydney Bridge, the Accor Head Office demanded a sophisticated and contemporary interior to match its prime location. Collaborating closely with Vantagespace, Workspace provided a selection of high-quality, stylish furniture that enhances the collaborative working environment.

  • Sector Office
  • Designer
    • Vantagespace
  • Project CompletedMar, 2024
  • Photographer
    • Tyrone Branigan Photography.

Furniture Highlights

Pop Tables: Featuring unique shapes and vibrant colours, our Pop Tables add a playful yet professional touch to the office space. These tables are designed for versatility, allowing for easy configured to suit various meeting and work settings. The soft wiring integrated into these tables makes it convenient to work from any spot in the office.

Cove Arm Chair: Upholstered in bold, eye-catching fabrics, our Cove Arm Chair provides comfort and style. Perfect for casual meetings and relaxation areas, ensuring that employees have a comfortable place to work and unwind.


Height Adjustable Gas Lift Tables: These versatile tables support ergonomic working conditions, allowing employees to adjust the height according to their preferences.

Custom Pop Boardroom Table: The centrepiece of the boardroom is a sensational 6635mm long custom Pop Boardroom Table. Crafted with a drum base and radius edges, it features a Laminex Natural Walnut with custom inlay finish. The table is equipped with CMS Executive Box Dual lid matching table top finish, providing ample power and data connectivity with 3 table boxes, 4 GPOs, 1 HDMI, and 2 USB-C ports.