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Porcelain Whiteboard

Porcelain (or vitreous enamel) whiteboards offer the toughest and most stain resistant whiteboard surface.

The material is fused on under extreme temperatures then cooled to form a rock hard writing surface. The surface is guaranteed for 25 years and this board is particularly recommended for medium to high use writing environments.

Available in our standard whiteboard frame, our Escribe Frame or now with our new 'L8800' frame which provides a frameless look and concealed fixings with aluminium battens.

These 1800 framed boards can be joined together to form impressive wall writing panels over a large area.



600mm x 450mm
900mm x 600mm
900mm x 900mm
1200mm x 900mm
1200mm x 1200mm
1500mm x 900mm
1500mm x 1200mm
1800mm x 900mm
1800mm x 1200mm
2400mm x 1200mm
3000mm x 1200mm


Stain resistant
Recommended for medium to high use writing environments
Frameless look
Concealed fixings
Aluminium battens
Can be joined together


20 years

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