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Culture Table

Breakout areas are well recognised as productive areas of the modern workplace, where informal meetings can produce real benefits, so the role of breakout furniture itself is worth closer attention.

The raised level of the Culture Table promotes standing conversation, over project drawings and brewed coffee, or stools can be brought in for longer sessions, still giving people the freedom to move about as they wish.


configuration options

Top options

Full range of laminates, melamine or our wide range of veneers

Base options

Brushed stainless steel
Powdercoat - wide range of colours


Length: 2000mm
Depth: 900mm
Height: 1000mm


Welded square stainless steel tube frame
Adjustable levelling feet
Range of top materials and finishes
Floating "shadow line" top


10 Years


Australian Made
SA Manufactured
SA Assembled
SA Supplied

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culture-table-tables-secondgallery-img-01-1706509846.jpg culture-table-tables-secondgallery-img-02-1706509850.jpg culture-table-tables-secondgallery-img-03-1706509831.jpg culture-table-tables-secondgallery-img-04-1706509836.jpg culture-table-tables-secondgallery-img-05-1706509841.jpg culture-table-tables-secondgallery-img-06.jpg culture-table-tables-secondgallery-img-07.jpg

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