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Peter Byrnes

Peter Byrnes

Director / National Key Accounts Manager

Peter Byrnes joined Workspace in 1990, and has witnessed the company grow and change as a Director and New South Wales’ State Manager. He has a leadership role overseeing the successful operation of the Sydney office, as well as sets the company’s strategy for growth over the short and long term.

Peter is proud to be involved with an Australian-owned business that continues to manufacture and provide employment and economy in each major state. Providing full flexibility to clients that an offshore business cannot deliver, Peter sees Workspace as not just a vendor, but as a true solution provider that actually enables clients achieve their vision.

With 30 years’ experience in sales, Peter takes a major role in assisting in larger projects at a more senior level. Day-to-day, he supports his staff and also helps foster the culture that has shaped Workspace into the well-respected business it is today.