What's New // Tips for a ‘smart’ office by Workspace

Tips for a ‘smart’ office by Workspace

Tips for a ‘smart’ office by Workspace

Recently, we’ve been reading about the latest requirements for designing what’s considered a ‘smart’ office building and how this will affect the next generation of office-workers.
Consideration of lighting, purposeful integrated technology and sustainability are at the now forefront of building design.

At Workspace, we believe in the importance furniture and accessory selections are to creating an organised space and have put together some tips for you to consider.

Some vital considerations include:

  • Sit to Stand Workstation – we’ve all heard sitting is the new smoking. One of the easiest switches in an office is new desking or workstations.
    Our Travel Workstation is a functional, height-adjustable solution with electric and winder mechanism options.
  • Collaborative Spaces – workplaces that encouraged collaboration amongst staff were shown to reduce stress and depression while boosting employees’ overall mood.
    Creating a fun yet practical space is crucial and including products like our Hive setting, Room Booth, and Mode Lounge encourage teams to meet informally to discuss
    ideas and solve problems.
  • Smart technology – today employees are increasingly reliant on the latest technology to help them work more efficiently.
    Monitor Arms for dual screens, magnetic glassboards and LED lighting are all important to help staff work smarter and faster.

If you need help with your space, don’t hesitate to speak to one of our local team today!

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