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Workspace Commercial Furniture acknowledges and understands the distinctive challenges and highly specialised requirements facing today’s Healthcare environments. Shifting from community based care facilities to combinations of larger scale public and private environments, Healthcare is a critically important and high cost business. Supporting our changing healthcare needs, aged population and ensuring the most effective investment is paramount.

Traditional healthcare models centered on longer term general care has been replaced with a model seeking to provide specialised care and efficient transition through facilities and the system as a whole. The thinking behind patient services, facilities provision and integration into public environments is all encompassing. Healthcare design continues to grow in prominence and specialisation.

Workspace actively seeks the opportunity to work with designers, builders and healthcare facilities and procurement experts to meet project furniture requirements and holistic segment future needs. Guided by third party expertise and our commitment to quality products and end to end service delivery, Workspace believes that our offer to the healthcare segment is industry best practice.

Underpinned by our strong supplier relationship and intimate manufacturing expertise, Workspace aim to provide furniture that can exceed the rigours of healthcare environments, offer the minimum requirements of infection control and cleaning and ensure the comfort of the user. Importantly we appreciate and respond to the varied needs inside the healthcare environment. In patient rooms need durability, ability to clean commercially and all the while providing an environment of comfort for patience recovery. Treatments spaces often require specialised and customer solutions, whereas waiting areas, administration and break out areas require the aesthetic pleasure of a traditional commercial environment, with consideration of infection control standards and the comfort to accommodate patience’s, visitors and staff alike.

We understand that healthcare design, fit out and refurbishment is increasingly integrated into the building life cycle and facilities management of a project. Accordingly, Workspace has actively sought involvement with new design and construction methodologies such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) to ensure that providing best practice to tour project partners and the healthcare segment as a whole. Workspace can tailor BIM content provision for its furniture requirements to meet project and stakeholders need.

Healthcare is as critical, exciting, detailed and high stakes commercial environment, at Workspace we seek to provide furniture solutions that are be part of the solution for a better healthcare outcome for all.

" Healthcare design continues to grow in prominence and specialisation."

HL3 Beam Seat

Featuring innovative design to achieve extremely high standards of resilience and durability combined with lightness and comfort the HL3 is perfect for your next waiting area.

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Drafting Chairs

Check out our range of drafting chairs for your next project

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University of South Australia Mawson Lakes Campus

Workspace Commercial Furniture worked with the builder, University of South Australia and design team to provide commercial furniture that was not only aesthetically pleasing but functional in this education space and laboratory.

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Adult Acute Mental Health Impatient Unit Canberra Hospital

Workspace was commissioned to supply approximately 700 pieces of loose furniture for the Adult Acute Mental Health Impatient Unit Canberra Hospital. The facility design required manufacture and installation of a large amount of standard and customised commercial furniture products.

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View our chair range for ideas on modernising your waiting area.

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