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SAS Head Quarters

SAS Head Quarters

Cachet Group was engaged to upgraded SAS Australia’s Head Quarters at Lane Cove as part of the Company’s strategy to transform various corporate sites across ANZ and to support their ‘Work for a Day’ cultural initiative. The leading analytics company made this investment for their projected growth and to allow staff to work in a leading work environment.

The transition to the open plan was key for the technology-driven and fast-paced company. The new workplace offers plenty of opportunities to collaborate within the neighbourhoods and various social areas, including their long-standing squash courts. Workspace customised Acoustic Pods and Sanctuary spaces throughout the floors facilitate individual and group focus sessions as well as providing Pivot breakout seating.



To read more on SAS ANZ workplace initiative, please read David Bowie’s (SAS’s ANZ Vice President and Managing Director) related article:

Designer: Cachet Group

Project Manager: Sense Projects

Products Used: Pivot Swivel, Pivot Sled and Custom Work Pods