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NSW Fire & Rescue

ADCO’s NSW team together with Group GSA has recently completed the Department of Fire and Rescue’s Head Office project for NSW Government. The $20 million Design and Construct development involved the construction of a new 3 story building at Greenacre, integrated fitout and under-croft car parking for 132 vehicles.

The project displays a high level of design aesthetic in terms of form and function and a contemporary open plan workspace. Key architectural features include the concrete ‘’off-form’’ elliptical columns and curtain wall facade system. Each of these design elements has allowed for large open areas and state of the art collaborative facilities to be incorporated into the new building design.


The raked angles of the elliptical columns were inspired by a fire fighter’s ladder as it is rests adjacent to a building during a rescue operation.

Workspace supplied over 250 Eben Chairs, over 80 Tables in various sizes and finishes to suit boardrooms, breakout spaces, cafes & meeting spaces, Room booths, Stools and custom Ottomans.