Projects // ICAC



Investigate, expose and minimise corruption in the NSW public sector, this is the role of the ICAC. The new workplace and public hearing rooms at 255 Elizabeth Street provided a conceptual response in the built form to the core function of the commission.

Through heavy sloping walls, the juxtaposition of light and dark, layered vs raw, and creative lighting, the design was purposely modeled to represent the concept of ICAC – shining the light on corruption, and making the process transparent to the public of NSW in its built form. The incorporation of the ‘streetlight’ in all main internal circulation corridors, added an animated visual interpretation of ICAC, whilst functioning as a custom designed tool for power/ data reticulation. A dynamic spatial arrangement showcased the large Public Hearing Room reinforcing this concept of ‘transparency’. Custance prominently positioned this room in the forefront of the public space, creating a dark oblique wall with narrow windows providing subtle glimpses inside, reinforcing the weight of ICAC and the light of justice – a strong concept Custance continued throughout the fit out.

This dynamic arrangement provided unique public waiting areas surrounding the hearing room, support spaces for legal representatives, clients and public alike. The heavy feature sloping walls continued into the workplace creating a back drop for a variety of ancillary spaces. It was a strong client requirement to create a warm, enjoyable work environment. Meeting/quiet rooms features coloured wall graphics reflecting into the carpet along with soft lighting to enliven these spaces.

Designer: Custance
Project Size: 2500smt
Location: Sydney CBD
Products Featured: Fleet Chair, Axis Chair, T2 Table