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Gawler Civic Centre

Gawler Civic Centre

“The revitalised Gawler Civic Centre creates a newfound community connection to the historic Town Hall and Institute buildings, whilst re-establishing a civic heart for the Town of Gawler. In doing so, two key heritage buildings are given a new lease of life and create a contemporary civic centre that will serve a revitalised role in the community.

The new transparent connection between the heritage buildings showcases the activities inside the building, inviting community participation. The new circulation spine creates visual connection between levels, linking the two historic buildings and the new office wing. The juxtaposition between old and new is celebrated throughout the buildings, with the richness and texture of the restored stone walls contrasting the refined, smooth finishes of the new insertions.

Expressed steel structure and services articulate the contemporary adaptive reuse throughout the project, expressing the building’s layered composition through different time periods.” – MPH Architects


Workspace was proud to supply the majority of the furniture in this project including: Tone Chair, Touch Chair, Lucky Stool, Lucky Sled Chair, Flow Chair, Custom Ottomans, Axis Chair, Alpine Table, Fleet Lounge Chair, Room Booth and custom discussion pods.

Designer: MPH Architects

Builder: Badge Constructions 

Photography: Trim Photography