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M-Collection Magnetic Glassboards

The M-Collection glass boards are the perfect addition to any space whether it be office, meeting rooms, schools or cafes. Workspace’s exclusive ultra clear glass board is a contemporary and highly practical alternative to the traditional whiteboard.

Made with extremely safe and durable tempered 4mm safety glass, the surface is highly durable with no green tinge allowing it to be a higher standard than traditional whiteboards. The benefits of the ultra clear glass ensures the glass will not ghost or stain – regardless of how long the ink is left on. Additional accessories can be added to the whiteboard to maximise potential and accessibility. The frame-less design creates a visually appealing way to join multiple boards together to form a communication wall.

M-Collection Magnetic Glass boards

Dimensions: (+/- 5mm)
Thickness: 4mm
1200mm x 900mm
1500mm x 900mm
1800mm x 900mm
Depth: 19mm (wall to front of board)

Ultra clear glass – no green tinge
Magnetic quality allows secure hanging of papers and eraser from surface magnets
Easy to clean without residue
Tempered safety glass (5x stronger and tougher than regular glass whiteboards)
Stunning design and extremely durable

Office, Meeting rooms, schools, cafes and more!

White acrylic tray 400mm wide included
Strong stamp magnets available in white (pack of 6) (Magnets are separate purchase to whiteboard)

Fixed by stainless steel edge mounting disc

Suitability: Indoor use only

Environment: Eco friendly and made with recyclable materials

Warranty: 5 years

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