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Acrylic Screens

Privacy has never been so easy with the latest screening solution for Workspace, Acrylic screening. Workspace Acrylic screens are strong and sturdy showing off their solid construction. The acrylic screening solutions are completely removable due to the clamping mechanism, allowing it to clamp onto the desk. The clamps are highly stylish and safe brackets rather than the standard permanent fixtures which cause damage to the work tops. The removable feature allows the screens to be less damaging than
standard screens, whilst also accommodating shifting desks and workstations.

The soft curves and radius corners of the screen creates a warm cozy environment as it hugs the work top making the occupant feel right at home. The acrylic screens are completely customisable with a variety of finishes available on request. Workspace Acrylic screens are the perfect accessory to bring privacy and warmth into your workplace.

Acrylic Screen

600mm x 1800mm or
600mm x 800mm
Thickness: 6mm

Screening solutions for privacy and physical distancing
Completely customisable
High clean and sterilization abilities
Removable due to the stylish bracketing fixtures used

Finishes Clear Acrylic as standard
Custom finishes available on request

5 years


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