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In Table

As part of the Forma 5 In range, the In Table, with its chrome plated steel rod legs and self-levelling feet takes classic mid-century and style unites it with modern surfaces to create a truly unique piece.

As a waiting area table, coupled with In Chairs, or as a standalone item, the In table makes a bold statement every time.


Gabriel Teixido for Forma 5

Gabriel Teixidó began his professional career in 1970 devoted exclusively to product creation. Concerned about the social and business impact of design with an open and easy character like his designs. He has worked with major companies in the sector, mainly lighting and office furniture and in some other fields.

Professor of the EINA 1999/2002 School, Recipient of multiple awards for its history and products made.


Forma 5


configuration options

Top options

Prefinished board


Top diameter: 800mm
Height: 375mm


Chrome plated steel rod base with supporting braces.
Articulated feet


10 Years


SA Manufactured
SA Assembled
SA Supplied

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