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Break Away Workspaces

If flexible or agile workspaces, innovative lobbies, and sit to stand workstations are the buzz topics in commercial interior design, has the break out space become the forgotten commercial space? Not in the slightest!

From its beginnings as a clearly defined common¬†area from partitioned offices and cubicles, where a couple of lounges and coffee tables offered the users an opportunity to ‘break away’ from the monotony of their desk, the new break out space is collaborative, innovative, multi-purpose and integrated. Lounges, ottomans, tables, bean bags, and any other surface you can sit on and rest against, become places to come together. The once designated area, is often a free flowing space that morphs into the kitchen, private reading rooms, games rooms and even sleeping booths.

Great design, beautiful colour and texture, comfortable and stylish furniture coupled with wireless technology gives users the space and ability to truly break out!

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