What's New // Workspace’s apprenticeship program strengthens in 2019

Workspace’s apprenticeship program strengthens in 2019

Workspace’s apprenticeship program strengthens in 2019

Workspace is proud to continue our long association with employment and commitment to apprenticeships for over fifty years of formal apprenticeships. Australian Apprenticeships deliver benefits for both employers and people looking to start a career. During our 108 years in business, Workspace has kept a strong focus on quality manufacturing specialising in bespoke pieces featuring excellent craftsmanship. This in part is due to long-standing team members, who started out as apprentices and have now been with our company 10, 20 and 30+ years!

In 2019, we are excited to welcome one polishing, two cabinetmaking and two wood-machining apprentices to the Workspace team.

At Workspace, we recognise the importance of investing in the next generation and the impact manufacturing has on the local and national economy. We also believe in seeing the bigger picture: an apprenticeship develops skills that transfer to other divisions of the company including Product Development, Planning and Management.

Recently, Workspace had Olivia Cooper, who began her upholstery apprenticeship in May 2010 and has recently been promoted into the Planning and Design team. Since January, Workspace has also Lachlan McKinnon to Production Coordinator after starting in 2012 as a Cabinet Maker and also Matthew Maloney to Planning & Design department after starting his Wood Machining Apprenticeship February 2014.

Workspace’s 12,000sqm facility is the perfect place to learn with the latest technology machines to work on and experienced team members to learn from.