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Environmental Policy

Workspace operates an Environmental Management System which in accordance with
ISO 14001:2015.

The Management and Employees of Workspace Commercial Furniture Pty Ltd undertake to ensure that their operations and product have minimal harmful impact on the environment, by:

    • Providing and maintaining a clean and safe workplace
    • Monitoring and controlling the consumption of energy
    • Monitoring and controlling the selection and usage of materials and processes
    • Monitoring and controlling the production and disposal of waste

The company ensures that it conforms to all relevant legal requirements for its operations, and sets and monitors objectives and targets for the prevention of pollution and for continual improvement of its Environmental Management System.

Persons who carry out work at the Company’s site on behalf of the Company are requested to comply with all Workspace environmental practices and procedures.
This policy is basic to the Workspace plan for its operation and future development, and all employees at all levels are encouraged to share in the responsibility for achieving this result.

As part of each employee’s induction, a copy of this policy is provided, together with the training necessary to ensure that the company’s objectives and targets are achieved.

Workspace Commercial Furniture respects the environment and understands the importance of mitigating the impact our manufacturing processes might have on it.

Working harder than ever to reduce its ecological footprint, Workspace has adopted new sustainable business models and is constantly re-evaluating its products and processes.

Several products have AFRDI ‘Green Tick’ certification.  Workspace has attained ‘EcoVadis’ certification by reporting on actions or performance indicators that include Environmental, Fair Business Practices, Labour Practices & Sustainable Procurement

We have put in place programs to monitor, improve and report on waste management, energy and water consumption.

In reducing, wherever possible, the waste that inevitably results from production processes, at Workspace we also divert as much as we can from landfill, and we are proud of our achievements which is a credit to all our employees.

Other than recycling, Workspace also ensures it maintains a clean and safe workplace, monitoring and controlling the usage of materials and processes to maximise our efforts to avoid harming our environment. All employees have been provided with their own copy of the company’s policies, together with the necessary training to ensure all these objectives and targets are achieved.

Chief Executive Officer

Tom Clark
21 May 2019