What's New // 2020 Workspace Awards – Wrap Up

2020 Workspace Awards – Wrap Up

That’s a wrap!

The 2020 Workspace Awards program culminated its over 12 month journey in a virtual affair of celebrations last night with viewers from all over the country tuning into the Virtual online platform.

Design participants, industry partners and entrants all tuned in from their homes, studios or anywhere across the country in what was a very first for the Workspace Awards. Due to the constant changing of regulations and extreme uncertainty of COVID-19, the 2020 awards was successfully presented – virtually!  In what was a truly incredible online experience, the attendees enjoyed the fantastic MC skills of Sam Jeyaseelan, a life band brought the stage to life and shortlisted entrants and winners were celebrated!



In what was a truly challenging year in 2020, the breath of talent within the entrants was undoubtedly unlike ever seen before, making the tasks of our prestigious judges incredibly difficult. This year’s awards celebrates a truly national representation, with entrants across all categories and from all across the country,

The Workspace Awards would not be possible without our partners and judges. Thankyou to our industry partners; Indesign, Polytec, Laminex, CMS Electracom, Hafele, Kinect, Innova, Atdec, Warwick and Acoufelt. Your support in the Workspace Awards and Workspace does not go unnoticed.



Thankyou to our independent prestigious panel of judges whom were tasked with the extremely difficult task of judging the incredible entries of 2020. A very big thank you to Andrew Wallace, Caroline Beresford and Linda Cheng, who took the time to judge each and every one of the entrants.

The program which is now in its fourth full year, aims to deliver a truly independent awards program, and with it the opportunity for independent design, small, medium and large firms alike to participate on a level playing field, ensuring Australian design excellence can be at the forefront.

On behalf of Workspace Commercial Furniture we thank all of our Workspace Awards 2020 partners, for without true partnership we cannot seek to grow, “Tom Clark, Workspace CEO”. Workspace looks forward to continuing the programs growth in 2020.


Congratulations to the following winners:

Workspace Overall Winner – People’s Choice
Sponsored by Indesign
Studio P Architecture & Interiors – Liverpool Medical Suite

Workplace Over 1000smt
Sponsored by Polytec
Group GSA – 7-ELEVEN

Workplace Under 1000smt
Sponsored by Laminex 
Studio Edwards – Sackville Studios

Designer of the Year
Group GSA – 7-ELEVEN

Emerging Designer
Sponsored by: CMS Electracom
Studio Edwards – Sackville Studios

Studio Edwards – Sackville Studios

Sponsored by: Hafele
Ewert Leaf – There Cafe

Sponsored by: Kinect
Conrad Gargett Architecture – Habitat Nundah

Sponsored by: Atdec
Group GSA – 7-ELEVEN

Sponsored by: Innova
Studio P Architecture & Interiors – Liverpool Medical Suite

Aged Care
Sponsored by: Warwick
I + D Studio – Mona Tait Gardens / RSL Lifecare

T-A Square – Kurimu

Studio Edwards – Base Cabin

Acoufelt – Event Partner